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Even if your dentist or hygienist hasn’t mentioned it, it isn’t a bad idea to see an orthodontist for an initial examination.  At DeHaan Orthodontics, this is a free appointment.  I will chat with you about orthodontics first, and then take a look at the patient (you or your child).  Looking at the mouth and teeth can tell me a lot, and I will explain what is going on.  I will explain what good things are happening, and point out any problems we can see.  If any treatment is necessary, we will talk about the procedure and options.  If everything is great, we will just end it there.  If there are no current issues but I can anticipate some, I will advise you on what to expect and when to expect it.  In particular, what treatment may be needed in the future and how that will effect the patient, your insurance, and your pocketbook.  Overall, its never a bad idea to take advantage of the free examination, you can learn a lot!