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The major misnomer in the word “toothbrush”…

The classic joke is “How can you tell the toothbrush was invented in South Carolina?” “because if it were invented anywhere else, it would be named the teethbrush!”

The South Carolina part isn’t even true, the original toothbrush dates back much further than the United States.  Anyhow, you can see how the name “toothbrush” is misleading.  In fact, it is intended to brush multiple teeth.

My gripe with this is that it should be called a “teeth-gum-tongue-brush”, but of course that is way too long of a name.  But if you think of it as this, you will remember to not just brush your teeth with it, but make sure to brush along your gum line and even your tongue.  Especially with braces, the gum line tends to get forgotten when brushing.  Inflamed gums are not just ugly, but they are harmful to the teeth and the bone surrounding the teeth.  So, use your teeth-gum-tongue-brush or ask your dental professional for some help on how to use it!