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What a fantastic community! What fun and exciting kids! What thoughtful parents! These are the things that came to mind when we heard that DeHaan Orthodontics was voted “Best of the Best.” There’s no doubt that this title goes both ways – Lake Orion is the “Best of the Best” community to be a part of. So we don’t just want to thank you for this recognition, we want to thank you for all that you do for us.

We vote for you Lake Orion! We vote for the baseball teams, we vote for the parade, we vote for our schools, and we vote for Lake Orion as the “Best of the Best” place to be. You have raised some truly talented kids who have represented our community impressively. Just this last year we had patients travel around the country showing off their musical talents, their athletic abilities, and heading off to study at the most prestigious universities. These kids sure are talented, but they could not have done it without the support of the Community of Lake Orion.

In the last year here at DeHaan Orthodontics we have been working hard to continue to serve you better. We have welcomed two new staff members to increase the efficiency of your orthodontic appointments. We have Ashley, a former patient, helping behind the scenes. And when you call our office or are greeted at the front desk, you will meet Brianna, a LOHS swim fan. In addition, we instituted a new system to streamline your appointments. With this system, you receive text and email reminders about your appointments to ensure that we don’t miss you! As in years past, we have used local companies for our website management and Christmas gift campaigns because we believe in being a part of Lake Orion, just like you! The opportunity to be a part of your families’ lives is an honor and we truly cherish the relationships that we continue to build with all of you.

On a personal note, as we just passed my 5 year anniversary at DeHaan Orthodontics, it brings me back to my first few weeks as the new doc when I thought it was most appropriate to go by “Dr. DeHaan.” But it didn’t take long to realize that the people in Lake Orion are far too friendly and easy-going to make things so formal. So, I became “Dr. Andrew,” and I couldn’t be more comfortable here and with that title. That is a testament to all of you and how welcoming you have been accepting me into your community. It’s hard to believe it has been five years! So many families, so many fun times, and so many smiles. We simply cannot wait for the next 5 years to see how we grow together!

Thank you Lake Orion!
Sincerely, Dr. Andrew and the wonderful staff at DeHaan Orthodontics.

Don’t forget to smile more!