Canker Sores

Unfortunately, orthodontic treatment can contribute to the onset of canker sores. It could be the braces, an expander, a retainer, or even Invisalign that causes irritation. In someone who is prone to canker sores, they are at higher risk for canker sores while in orthodontic treatment.

So, we can talk about two things, how to prevent the onset and how to treat the sores. Some key things to avoid are stress, acid, and infection. When stress levels are high, canker sores are more likely to develop. Acidic foods, like citrus and tomatoes, can cause a canker sore to pop up. Someone who is sick with a cold or weakened immune system are also at more risk for sores to pop up.

Since we can’t avoid everything, some people just have to learn to deal with the canker sores rather than avoid them. Rinsing with warm salt water and/or baking soda can help relieve some pain. You can repeat this throughout the day. Using dental wax on areas that are particularly sharp or uncomfortable. Over the counter medication, like ibuprofen, can help with general pain and discomfort. Applying a numbing cream, like Orajel, can work well to give temporary but immediate relief.

You can always consult your dentist, orthodontist, or physician for more advice. Good luck in dealing with the unfortunate situation of canker sores, it can be a tough situation.