First Visit

What To Expect At Your First Visit

We always look forward to meeting new patients! Your initial examination is a very important appointment as we have a lot to talk about. In addition to understanding why you are seeking orthodontic treatment, we may also discuss treatment options, timing of the treatment, any teeth that may need to be removed, and fees. If possible, please bring a recent panoramic x-ray from your dentist as well as your orthodontic insurance cards. To save you valuable time, we may also set aside time to complete diagnostic records (x-rays, photos, and impressions) following the initial examination.

Complimentary Consultation-First Visit

  • Review of patients motivation for seeking treatment
  • Through Review of past Medical and Dental History
  • Thorough Intraoral/Dental Exam
  • Certain X-rays may be taken in order to help develop a diagnosis
  • Development of a customized treatment plan
  • Discussion of all treatment options and alternatives
  • Discussion of relevant insurance information, payment options/plans

Appliance Insertion Appointment

  • If you choose to go forward with your orthodontic treatment, then an appliance insertion appointment will be scheduled.
  • Following insertion of braces proper Appliance Care and Oral Hygiene will be discussed

Braces/Appliance Removal

  • Usually includes taking final records such as New Photographs and X-Rays
  • In many cases retainers will be given at this time


  • Fixed – Glued in retainers on the back of the teeth (not visible to people)
  • Removable Retainer
    • Clear – Invisalign-like retainers
    • Plastic retainer with metal wires


  • How Frequent are orthodontic appointments?
    • Most appointments are scheduled 4-10 weeks apart
  • How long is each visit?
    • Most visits are 15-20 minutes long
  • What happens if a scheduled appointment can’t be kept?
    • Simply call our office at (248) 391-4477 and reschedule