Orthodontics for all ages. Meet Erin.

“We have been taken care of by every member of your office staff! All have gone above and beyond for us. We are grateful!”
-Linda S.

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“We could not be any happier with our experience at DeHaan Orthodontics! Everyone was so friendly and willing to help us with any questions we ever had. Thanks for everything!”
-Wendy Y.

Why is an Orthodontist a good choice?

“We have had all three of our children obtain their orthodontic treatment at this office and have been more than pleased with the results. You have become a part of our family.”
-Linda J.

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“The staff here is extremely friendly and very accommodating when we needed to make schedule changes due to sports or school.”
-Heather C.

“I am very happy my daughter was referred to Dr. DeHaan. We love the before to after. Very complete and understandable explanations were given.”
-Karen H.

“We just finished our second child’s braces. Dr. DeHaan waited appropriately to begin treatment, and I was very happy for that. I love the staff….always pleasant!”
-Robyn C.

“Fast, good results! I would recommend this orthodontist!”
-Wendy P.

“My son Nathan had his braces done with DeHaan Orthodontics. They were great. His teeth look great and they were very flexible with our busy schedule to get in and see them. Would recommend to all.”
-Paul L.

“Thank you for the excellent care you give my son in his orthodontic treatment :)”
-Barbara W.

“Dr. Andrew and the entire staff made the entire process of the “braces experience” as enjoyable as braces can be! From scheduling to actual appointments to keeping the kids on track with brushing and care – very positive and great experience. Thanks to all!
-Kim G.